Heinz x absolut tomato vodka pasta recipe

3 servings


15 MIN


0-15 mins


10 MIN


300 g

Penne pasta

1 jar

Heinz x absolut tomato vodka pasta sauce

30 g

Grated parmesan plus extra to serve


Handful of basil


Salt & pepper


Step 1

Cook the penne pasta in salted water following pack instructions.

Step 2

Drain and reserve 50ml cooking water.

Step 3

Add jar of Heinz x Absolut Tomato Vodka Pasta Sauce and stir through the pasta on a medium low heat.

Step 4

Once warmed add a dash of pasta water and Parmesan stirring to combine until its well coated and glossy.

Step 5

Season to taste with salt and pepper then serve with a sprinkling of parmesan and the basil leaves scattered over the top.