AI Ketchup

Told to draw ketchup, Artificial Intelligence drew Heinz.


  1. A Heinz tomato on Tomatoes Island is under threat from lack of healthy soil. Play Heinz’s S.O.S. Tomatoes Island on Fortnite.
  2. A dip with a kick
    Try this quick recipe for your next gathering!
  3. Heinz Burger Sauce is a creamy, flavored mayo-style sauce and goes well on almost everything!
    BBQ season’s secret weapon
    Try it on fries, burgers, and everything else you grill.


All your favourite tastes, plus some new goodies.

Great for the planet. Great for business.

From how we grow our plants to the materials that make up our packs, we’re stepping up with sustainability. Get ready, come 2050 - we will be carbon neutral.

We’ve made sustainability a key part of our business, from seed to shelf.

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Heinz inspires all kinds of creativity. Here’s just a taste.

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