7 Restaurants
2021 BKI grantee Blue Orleans in Chattanooga, TN serves up traditional, New Orleans-inspired Creole cuisine.



Blue Orleans has been carving out a place for Creole cooking to call home in Chattanooga since 2007. Mike and Cherita Adams relocated to Chatt after Hurricane Katrina upended their lives in 2005. But with the immense tragedy of the hurricane came an opportunity, and Blue Orleans was born. Head chef Mike Adams has been keeping his Creole roots and traditions alive with recipes inspired by his hometown and first love, New Orleans. He channels his parents, grandparents, aunts and his city in all of the restaurant's Louisianian fare.

Memphis soul food establishment and 2021 BKI grantee Alcenia’s welcomes you with love and leaves you feeling like family.



Alencia's is a family soul food spot through and through, founded to honor the life of a too-soon-gone loved one. Since 1997, they've operated with the same mission: to welcome guests warmly, serve delectable soul food, and keep the love flowing. "You arrive a stranger, but you leave part of The Alcenia’s Family and, we hope, sated and happy!"

Specializing in fish and wings, 2021 BKI grantee Crumps Fish and Wings in Memphis, TN is a local favorite.

Crumps Fish and Wings


At Crumps, they like to keep things simple. It's all in the name – Crumps Fish and Wings specializes in fish and wings. But you can also visit this local favorite for burgers, salads, and more.

Find good food, surprises, and community at 2021 BKI grantee East Memphis Pizza and Subs, “Home of the Overstuffed Potato”.

East Memphis Pizza and Subs


East Memphis Pizza and Subs, appropriately nicknamed "Home of the Overstuffed Potato," specializes in good food, surprises, and community. Chef/owner Aaron Kearney and his team prioritize the active support of their local community with frequent food drives, youth cooking classes, and a warm atmosphere where everyone can feel like family.

A Memphis legend for catering and comfort food, Gay Hawk Restaurant and Bobo's Catering Service is a 2021 BKI grantee.

Gay Hawk Restaurant and Bobo's Catering Service


The Gay Hawk was established in 1951 in Downtown Memphis. The restaurant catered to a Black audience (when it wasn't so popular to do so) until 1961. When he took over in 1963, Louis Bobo turned the Gay Hawk into a meeting place for old friends, a citywide catering hub, and a Memphis legend for community and comfort food. Louis served the Memphis community for over 50 years and in 2012, he passed the restaurant on to his daughter, Terica Bobo, who now operates the facility, working hard to keep this cherished Memphis landmark alive.

In Memphis, TN, The Four Way serves as a community meeting place and is a 2021 Black Kitchen Initiative grantee.

The Four Way


The Four Way started off as a haven for Black entertainers, who would perform in nearby Memphis to white crowds but were unable to sit and be served at those same white establishments. From its founding, it's always been a meeting place for community leaders, activists, and artists alike – serving the likes of MLK, Tina Turner, Reverend Jesse Jackson, Aretha Franklin, and dozens more.

2021 Black Kitchen Initiative grantee Up Town BBQ & Fish serves Tennessee-style meals in Covington, TN.

Up Town BBQ & Fish


Kelvyn Thomas served his country for 24 years as a member of the Air Force, and since opening Up Town in 2015, he's been serving his community with Tennessee-style BBQ. Rumor has it that, after a bite of Kelvyn's famous pulled pork, even *Texans* have had to acquiesce to Up Town as the best BBQ of all time.