“Protect the consumer by owning the product all the way from the soil to the table”

Henry J. Heinz

H.J. Heinz believed that delivering tasty and quality products started with soil. His vision was brought to life from the very first bottle of Heinz Horseradish which he grew on a patch garden that his parents gave him. This passion is still relevant in everything Heinz does today. In 2020, we made a new commitment as the world’s largest processing tomato buyer – to do more to enhance our sustainable agricultural practices to protect good food for generations to come. When it comes to Heinz, it all starts with our delicious tomatoes. That’s why we’ve committed to achieving sustainably sourced ketchup tomatoes globally by 2025. Through this commitment we are building better soils that will not only feed our unique tomatoes but also help to store carbon, an important pillar in our roadmap to aim to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050. To support our ambition and help our growers succeed on this journey with us, we have joined the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative (SAI) Platform. SAI Platform is a global food industry initiative, advocating sustainable agriculture to help protect the future of our favorite foods. Working with stakeholders across the food and agriculture value chain, it encourages the sharing of knowledge and best practices so that sustainable agricultural methods become the mainstream. And the norm.

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SAI have supported us in benchmarking our Sustainable Agriculture Practices, to their Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) tool, of which soil health management is a key pillar. The FSA helps us and our suppliers in achieving our goal of growing 100% sustainable ketchup tomatoes by 2025. Beyond the FSA, we are also proud to be a Founding Member of SAI Platform’s new Regenerative Agriculture Programme. This helps us go even further to help build a body of knowledge across the food and agriculture industry that doesn’t only advocate sustainable practices, but also promises to provide measurable, impactful outcomes for people and planet. While we’re committed to an ambitious and vital sustainability journey, helping to maintain the planet’s soil health isn’t something we can do alone. This partnership also provides us with opportunities to collaborate and partner with others on the journey to amplify our positive impact.