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Muskegon, MI’s Corine's Cakes and Catering is an award winning 2021 BKI grantee featuring tasty confectionaries based on traditional recipes.

Corine’s Cakes And Catering


Corine's Cakes and Catering was born from the story of two Corines: Corine Rose, owner and baker, and Corine Fox, her late grandmother who introduced her to the world of cooking and baking. She recently took home the People's Choice Award at Taste of Muskegon, an annual summertime festival that showcases local restaurants and food trucks.

2021 BKI grantees Good Cakes and Bakes of Detroit, MI, showcase family recipes handed down for generations.

Good Cakes and Bakes, LLC


Good Cakes and Bakes is owned by wives April and Michelle Anderson, and situated in the northwest side of Detroit. Their signature treats showcase family recipes handed down by April's grandmother. The bakery has been lauded by the James Beard Foundation, appeared on The Today Show, and even Oprah. In the opening of her bakery, April was able to turn her passion into her purpose.

Kuntry Cookin’ in Muskegon, MI is a 2021 Black Kitchen Initiative grantee serving Cajun, Creole, Jamaican, Italian and more.

Kuntry Cookin'


When Destinee Sargent's husband, Kemmie Sargent, said to his wife, "We're going to barbecue," she responded with, "No, we're not." Thankfully for the community in Muskegon, Destinee lost that argument. Since then, the two chefs have sold hundreds of meals each week, with wide-ranging influences from Creole and Cajun dishes to Jamaican, Italian, crawfish boils and much more.

2021 Black Kitchen Initiative grant recipient Sweet Potato Sensations serves sweet potato cookies and more in Detroit, MI.



Sweet Potato Sensation started with a love story. Jeffery loved sweet potatoes. Cassandra hated them. When the newly wedded owners and founders embarked on their first Thanksgiving together, Jeffery wanted candied yams, but Cassandra thought up a compromise to give them both something to smile about – and thus the recipe for their famous sweet potato cookies was born!