3 Restaurants
Find Bumbu Roux in Skokie, Illinois, serving up delicious dishes at the junction of Indonesian and Creole cuisine.

Bumbu Roux


The menu at Bumbu Roux highlights the owners’ Indonesian and Creole roots – but this isn’t a fusion restaurant. It’s the “lived experience of a multiracial, multiethnic” American family as told through the foods they love to eat, make, and share.

Caribbean Grill brings the savory, authentic taste and culture of Jamaica to Champaign, Illinois.

Caribbean Grill


Established in 2010 in Champaign, IL, Caribbean Grill is a Jamaican restaurant that hopes to be a standard bearer for authentic Caribbean cuisine in the U.S. What began with festivals and catering snowballed into a successful food truck and eventually a veritable brick-and-mortar location that not only focuses on culinary excellence but also represents a business model that prioritizes the well-being of their employees and the greater community.

Visit Garifuna Flava in Chicago to enjoy the rich culture of Belizean cuisine, hosted by Rhodel Castillo.

Garifuna Flava: A Taste of Belize


Garifuna Flava puts a modern twist on the traditional flavors and dishes of Garifuna cuisine. Located in Chicago and founded by Belizean immigrants in 2008, Garifuna Flava is a celebration of the rich culture, cuisine, and little-known history of the Garifuna ethnic group, the Caribbean, and Central America.