7 Restaurants
Catering company Edible Endeavors of Austell, Georgia is a 2021 Black Kitchen Initiative grant recipient.

Edible Endeavors Cafe


ShaVonne McCants and her catering company have been in the business of making memories since 2008. Her team at Edible Endeavors makes delicious food for weddings, corporate conventions, community celebrations, and more.

2021 BKI grantee just add honey tea company in Atlanta, GA serves up fruit-filled and fanciful perfect cups of hot or cold tea.

just add honey tea company


Brandi Shelton found tea to be a recurring theme in her life. Growing up, her grandmother had a concoction for every ailment. And while traveling abroad, hunting for tea rooms became a way to learn the lay of the land and meet a new friend over a cup. After settling back home in the states, she developed her own perfect cup, mixing loose leaves with herbs and fruit to make fanciful blends, which she would later share with the world.

2021 Black Kitchen Initiative grantee Rashe’s Cuisine fills bellies and nourishes souls in Athens, Georgia.

Rashe's Cuisine


Since 1993, Rashe Malcolm has been filling bellies and nourishing souls. Her welcoming smile and warm embrace are as much a part of the meal as the fork (no need for a knife – Rashe's juicy, tender meats fall apart on their own).

Shular Hospitality Group is a unique kind of culinary school in Cumming, GA, and a 2021 Black Kitchen Initiative grantee.



Shular Hospitality Group is breaking the traditional culinary school model and rethinking how we prepare our future chefs. With the goal of equipping future chefs with the tools they need to be immediately successful, Shular provides a hands-on apprenticeship with individual mentoring and real kitchen experience.

2021 BKI grantee Step by Step Catering in Decatur, GA does events from corporate to family to weddings and everything in between.

Step By Step Catering, Inc


Step by Step Catering is a full-service catering company that puts on events that run the gamut from corporate gatherings to family reunions, but their specialty is weddings. They're known as one of the premier wedding caterers in the greater Atlanta area.

Black-owned coffeehouse and artisan marketplace The Culturist Union in Guyton, GA, is a 2021 Black Kitchen Initiative grantee.

The Culturist Union


Founded in 2019, The Culturist Union takes a hint from the life and legacy of Madam C.J. Walker and community-building spirit. This first-of-its-kind Black owned coffeehouse and artisan marketplace is a modern reincarnation of the town-square. They operate on the beliefe that when people can come together to create, cultivate, and collaborate, they'll make the world a better place now and forever.

2021 Black Kitchen Initiative grantee Unforgettable Bakery serves up food and a passion for community in Savannah, GA.

Unforgettable Bakery


The moniker "unforgettable" applies just as much to the bakery as it does to Belinda, Unforgettable's owner and head baker. From organizing scholarship funds to providing meals to those going hungry, Belinda possesses the same passion and care for her community that she puts into her food.