Dip & Crunch Spicy Sauce &
Potato Crunchers


Dip & Crunch Spicy Sauce & Potato Crunchers

Take your burger to the next level with our innovative dipping experience. Flavor and texture come together deliciously in Heinz Dip & Crunch Spicy Sauce & Potato Crunchers. Simply open, dip your burger in our spicy, creamy sauce, then dip in the crispy crushed potato chip tray to add an epic crunch factor. Featuring a convenient dual compartment package, our single-serve kit is great for adding a tasty, crunchy twist to bland burgers. Elevate your next burger with our one-of-a-kind dip, or share the excitement as a fun addition to your next barbecue or dinner party. Heinz spicy sauce recipe combines tomato puree, molasses, sun-dried tomatoes, garlic powder, tamarind concentrate, onion powder and spices for a bold taste that perfectly complements grilled beef. Whether you’re embellishing a juicy cheeseburger or impressing friends with a new twist on sliders, Heinz Dip & Crunch adds something extra to every bite.

440 KCAL


2 G


41 G


2 G


Serving size: 1 package (77.9g)