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Employee Health & Wellness

Heinz offers a wide range of employee benefits globally that help protect the health, wealth and talent of our Company. Comprehensive healthcare benefits, retirement programs, insurance, flextime, training programs, and life coaching are offered to eligible Heinz employees. Each Heinz facility around the world provides employee benefits unique to their location.

We strive to meet the healthcare needs of an ethnically and geographically diverse global workforce through a wide range of programs and initiatives that emphasize healthy choices, diligent healthcare decision-making and active participation in our wellness programs.

In the United States, for instance, employees can receive flu shots at no charge and access free preventive medical services that include annual check-ups and a wide range of health screenings. In the UK, at our Kitt Green facility 400 employees opted to receive the flu shot on site. Stop Smoking clinics were held on site and an on-site gym facility has been established and made available for a small cost per month.

In Canada, France and Russia, we offer flu shots at no cost every year and access to free preventive medical services that include annual check-ups. In Sweden, gym subscriptions are offered to employees at no cost with access to facilities and group trainings. In Belgium, and the Netherlands, “Heinz Movement” was introduced – an initiative to encourage employees to participate in sports and become more active. In India, we provide annual health check-ups at the facility and maintain an Occupational Health Center.

Around the world, Heinz also offers competitive healthcare benefits in markets where there is established demand for employer-sponsored plans.

Reflecting our commitment to putting people first, Heinz has received recognition and accolades for our focus on employee health and wellness. In New Zealand, Australia Poland, and Russia, our employees participated in GCC 2012 (a global corporate fitness challenge among other employers) and consistently placed in the top 100, with employees’ daily step average over 14,000.

In Brazil, there is a physiotherapist in the facility to assist with health prevention and there are annual health weeks and a running for health day event. In Costa Rica, Mexico and Venezuela there is a physician on site at the facility providing medical services to the employees throughout the work week. They also maintain a cafeteria which is subsidized by the Company.

In the United States, Heinz has been recognized by the National Business Group on Health for four consecutive years as one of the “Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles – most recently in 2012.

Biometric Screenings

Heinz offers free voluntary health screenings to thousands of employees each year, most often through on-site workplace programs.

  • In the United States, over 4,000 eligible U.S.-based employees, spouses and domestic partners, or 69% of the population, completed Company-sponsored biometric screenings in 2012, staying consistent with prior year participation.
  • Participants in the health screenings receive a summary of their results, which include a comparison with recommended levels and tips on making healthy changes. The employees are also offered information on other health and wellness programs sponsored by Heinz.
  • In India, Heinz offers a yearly Health Check-up as part of an employee health and wellness program that also includes informative programs addressed by physicians that focus on topics such as Healthy Lifestyles and Cardiac Health.

In the Workplace


Our enduring commitment to health and wellness extends to all our employees around the world.