H.J. Heinz Company - Corporate Social Responsibility

Global Sustainability Process Model

Heinz developed the Sustainability Process to provide a consistent and coordinated framework for each business unit and facility. This framework makes it possible for us to define and implement a customizable sustainability program at each business and facility under a business model that embodies our values. The model addresses our strategic, operational, collaborative and governance requirements.

Our Sustainability Process emphasizes a set of fixed guidelines and allows for customization to meet the needs of diverse global cultures, stakeholder expectations, and unique business unit strategies and priorities. Our goal is to consistently improve upon this process to enhance implementation and customization for our business units and global partners. Through effective management and communication, Heinz seeks to ensure that all levels of the Sustainability Process work efficiently together to maximize results as we strive to achieve our key sustainability goals.

Venezuela Sustainability Team

Heinz Venezuela implemented the Global Sustainability Program model at its operations in 2011. Thirty-four employees from different functional areas of the factory volunteered to be official members of the Venezuela Sustainability Team.

This team led the development and translation of the Implementation Manual for the Sustainability Program. This manual was used as an integration tool for Costa Rica, Mexico and Venezuela. It facilitates best practices sharing among our facilities in Guadalajara, Mexico; San José, Costa Rica; and Maracay and San Joaquín, Venezuela.

Naturally Heinz

The Heinz Benelux team implemented the guidelines of our Global Sustainability Process through a program called “Naturally Heinz.” The essence of this program is that it applies the three dimensions of CSR (people, profit, planet) to our process, products, employees and our role in society. Our brands are central in the program and each includes a unique Corporate Social Responsibility vision and objectives. This enables the team to further drive the equity of the brand on sustainable principles and initiatives.

The UTZ CERTIFIED cocoa for our De Ruijter brand in the Netherlands is a good example of the Naturally Heinz program, where our team combines sustainable agriculture, fair trading principles and product quality for added brand value and consumer satisfaction.