Heinz Sustainable Growth


Heinz Sustainable Approach

Heinz ensures that all levels of the Sustainability Process work efficiently together to maximize results as we strive to achieve our key sustainability goals.

As a global company with approximately 30,000 employees and operations on six continents, Heinz has developed and implemented a universal Sustainability Process across businesses and borders in order to achieve our nine established sustainability goals.

Our Sustainability Process ensures that the concepts of environmental, social and economic sustainability are instilled at every level of our global operations and among our employees.

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    Heinz Sustainability Process

    Our Sustainability Process provides a consistent and coordinated framework for each business unit and facility and makes it possible for us to define and implement a customizable sustainability program at each business and facility under a business model that embodies our values.

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    Materiality Analysis

    Heinz conducted a materiality analysis in conjunction with our ongoing global Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategic planning efforts. Materiality analysis allows us to take a close and considered look at the CSR issues that are of the highest concern to our stakeholders and that could significantly affect our Company’s ability to execute its business strategy.

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    Enterprise Reputation and Risk Management

    Our approach to risk management has enabled the Company to meet two primary reputation-related goals: to do the common thing uncommonly well, and become a trusted packaged food company.

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    Awards and Recognition

    Heinz is proud of our Corporate Social Responsibility awards and recognition for being a company that demonstrates excellence in attention to the management of environmental and social issues.

H.J. Heinz Company - Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainable Agriculture

Tomatoes are one of the world's largest crops, and Heinz works closely with our growers to improve efficiency and protect our planet.

Heinz Corporate Social Responsibility Report


At Heinz, we have been growing our business while reducing our environmental impact. Download the full PDF report. 

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