H.J. Heinz Company - Corporate Social Responsibility

Every Drop Matters

Water is a vital resource for all Heinz operations worldwide. It is needed to grow tomatoes and other crops, and it is a crucial resource for the manufacturing process. Heinz has implemented water conservation measures and evaluations globally to protect one of our earth’s most precious resources.

Heinz surpassed our 20% target for water consumption reductions at our manufacturing facilities two years before the target of April 2015, using 2005 as the baseline year. Each facility has been required to reduce water consumption by 2% compared with the previous year and has been incentivized to reduce consumption 3% or higher.

Our success in water conservation was achieved through a wide range of actions that extended from recycling water and installing new technologies to upgrading water treatment plants. Heinz has tracked water savings through the measurement of incoming water and we continue to seek additional water conservation opportunities.

Water Conservation in Water-Stressed Regions

In 2013, Heinz initiated a Global Water Risk Screening project to:

  • Determine the extent of water-related risks and opportunities across our portfolio of global operations; and
  • Identify where our company can most strategically focus our energies to manage the most critical risks and opportunities.

Water risk tools, methodologies, and worldwide datasets have advanced significantly in recent years providing improved insight on watershed level conditions, regulatory, social and reputational risks. Our assessment utilized some of the leading global water risk mapping tools, including:

  • WBCSD Global Water Tool
  • WRI Aqueduct Water Risk Atlas
  • WWF-DEF Water Risk Filter

Our facility in San Joaquin, Venezuela is an example of how Heinz is conserving water in a water stressed region by reducing water usage by 56%.