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Heinz Is Getting Greener

As a global food company committed to sustainability, H.J. Heinz Company continued to take action in 2012 and 2013 to reduce our environmental footprint and protect the planet’s natural resources for future generations.

Through April 2013, Heinz had surpassed our Global Sustainability goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, solid waste generation and water usage by at least 20% by 2015. Heinz also moved closer to reaching our 20% target for reducing energy consumption.

  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions

    Greenhouse Gas Emissions

    Heinz surpassed our 20% reduction target in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions two years before the original target of 2015. As a global food company, Heinz recognizes that climate change is a significant environmental concern and that reducing GHG emissions can help protect the planet.

  • Energy Consumption

    Energy Consumption

    In 2012 and 2013, Heinz moved closer to achieving our goal of reducing energy consumption by at least 20% globally by 2015.

  • Solid Landfill Waste

    Solid Landfill Waste

    Heinz has already surpassed our 20% goal for solid waste reduction, using 2005 as the baseline year. Our success in this area has been a direct result of our focus on best practice sharing.

  • Water Consumption

    Water Consumption

    Heinz surpassed our 20% target for water consumption reductions at our manufacturing facilities two years before the target of 2015, using 2005 as the baseline year.

Heinz made progress toward achieving our other six global sustainability goals; which include packaging, agriculture, energy, transportation, renewable energy and employee engagement. You can read more about our progress in each area by clicking on the links above. Since our 2011 CSR Report, Heinz continued to expand the data collection process for our Sustainability metrics. We also engaged our employees and supply chain partners in sustainable concepts and strategies. Our measurement metrics for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, energy consumption, water consumption and waste generated have been standardized for all Heinz regions worldwide. We also developed an internal standard for the measurement process for our other areas of focus.

Our Approach to Environmental Management

Heinz recognizes that our growers and our manufacturing operations impact the planet and the consumption of water and energy. Reflecting our commitment to environmental stewardship, Heinz has been on a continuous improvement journey to reduce our environmental impacts, streamline processes and formalize the tracking and measurement of sustainability initiatives. We have worked diligently to improve efficiency in growing, processing, packaging and transporting our food products.

Our Environmental and Sustainability Risk Management processes are integrated into our Enterprise Reputation and Risk Management functions. Additionally, Heinz has a global team of cross-functional leaders who contribute to our Global Sustainability Council. This Council allows for the sharing of best practices from facility to facility across regions.

Operations Risk Managers at each Heinz factory are responsible for the safety and environmental impacts of the plant. They monitor compliance with environmental and safety regulations and develop and coordinate programs for energy management, GHG reductions, recycling, packaging waste and waste disposal. In the past reporting cycle, Heinz did not receive any significant fines or sanctions for non-compliance with environmental laws and regulations.

Annually, we perform a bottom-up/top-down risk assessment by functional area, including Environmental and Sustainability, and develop action plans and monitoring for all identified items. The risk assessment process utilizes best practices from Heinz affiliates around the world and primarily focuses on environmental matters that could impact Heinz’s ability to achieve its objectives. This process encompasses all aspects of our business.

H.J. Heinz Company - Corporate Social Responsibility

Heinz Supply Chain

From field to fork, Heinz and our suppliers work to improve the quality and safety of our food while reducing our environmental footprint.  

Heinz Corporate Social Responsibility Report


At Heinz, we have been growing our business while reducing our environmental impact. Download the full PDF report. 

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