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Personal Sustainability

My Lifestyle Profile

The My Lifestyle Profile (MLP) is a private and confidential questionnaire that helps employees and their spouses or domestic partners to pinpoint areas where they can improve their health. More than 4,330 eligible U.S.-based employees, spouses and domestic partners, or 62% of the population, completed the MLP in 2012, up from 56% in 2011.

Culture of Health Support Leaders

Also in the United States, Heinz engages a group of employees who are passionate about helping their colleagues to form healthier habits. These Culture of Health Support Leaders create and maintain grassroots enthusiasm for corporate and location-specific health and wellness initiatives. In the last two years, our network of support leaders includes 73 employees from all levels of the organization.

W.E. Can Quit Smoking Cessation

Tobacco use is the number one cause of preventable death. To combat this health threat, Heinz Canada launched an innovative smoking cessation program at its Leamington facility in partnership with the Windsor-Essex Health Unit. This program in November 2010 followed a survey that found almost one in five Leamington employees smoked and that most wanted to quit in six months or less.

Heinz employees and their dependents were offered up to 12 weeks of quit-smoking aids, access to a Smoker’s Helpline, consultations with a pharmacist, self-help materials and invitations to health fairs and other workplace wellness events.

Personal Sustainability Benchmark Survey

Our commitment also extends to encouraging our employees to live ‘sustainable’ lives outside the workplace and help protect the planet we all share. In a 2013 survey of Heinz employees in Canada, we learned that commitment to sustainability is quite high already. Key findings indicate that:

  • 99% recycle most of the time when proper bins are available;
  • 94% donate to charity;
  • 59% volunteer locally; and
  • 80% have a budget at home adhere to it consistently or most of the time.
Heinz Micronutrient Campaign

Heinz Micronutrient Campaign

Since 2001, the Heinz Micronutrient Campaign has worked to combat iron deficiency anemia and malnutrition around the world.