Good Food From Down Under

As New Zealand’s leading food brand, Wattie’s food products have been enjoyed by generations of families. From soups and sauces to baked beans, Wattie’s has a product to satisfy every appetite.
Goodness From the Start
To meet the consumer demand for healthy options for kids, Wattie’s® has responded with Fruit Squirtz®, unique fruit puree pouch packs with a resealable nozzle, aimed at making fruit fun and cool for kids. With no added sugar, colors, or preservatives, Fruit Squirtz® are a great treat chilled or frozen.

Cultural Phenomenon
As evidence of the increasing ability of innovation to travel well within Heinz, Wattie’s Toasties®, a line of frozen, ready-to-cook toasted sandwiches, is being considered for Australia. From there, it’s on to Canada and the U.K., where the Baked Beans variety will put a convenient spin on the British favorite, beans on toast.

More Watties®
Below you can check out some selected products from Watties®.

Selected Product List

Wattie's® Baked Beans

Hellaby's™ Corned Beef