Good Food for Infants

Made from the best quality ingredients, PlasmonĀ® is the leading brand of Infant/Nutrition products in Italy. An all-natural upgrade to its product line including 100% fruit, with no artificial sweeteners or preservatives, and select lean meats has positioned Plasmon to cater to all Infant/Nutrition needs.
Goodness From the Start
Parents want nothing but the best for their children; that’s why in Italy, the Plasmon Environmental Oasis program is the hallmark of purity and safety. To ensure truly safe and wholesome foods, Plasmon® brand has monitored the environment by which all materials are produced for the past 20 years, from farm, to packaging, and transport.

Cultural Phenomenon
Italians refer to a healthy baby as a “Plasmon baby” because Plasmon baby food is synonymous with superior taste and quality. It was the first baby food to incorporate a milk protein derivative that fortifies foods and adds nutrition enrichment called Plasmon, the namesake for the brand.

More Plasmon®
Below you can check out some selected products from Plasmon®.

Selected Product List

Plasmon® Baby Food Manzo

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