Eating Together is
Sharing Together

Honig is one of the largest Dutch food brands. Honig aims to support the modern homemaker and provides inspiration for each and every meal occasion, in the categories soup, meals, Italian & Eastern pasta, and bakery.

Honig strives to bring people together and wants them to share their moments of pleasure and happiness. Honig is the base for every meal, by adding fresh ingredients, Honig inspires in preparing a daily and healthy meal. With Honig, you truly can create moments to reconnect with your friends, your children and family, because in the end you will find each other always around the dinner table.
Honig recently introduced several new products:
Honig Hartig meal sauce; the first Honig wet meal sauce which should be prepared in combination with fresh vegetables and rice. Honig Hartig meal sauce exists in four flavors; Chicken, Piri Piri, Sweet Sour and Curry.

Honig Vezelrijk; this pasta line contains more fibers in contrast to cereal pasta while tasting like regular pasta.

Honig Cupcakes; a mix for self-made cupcakes which provides consumers with a kit that helps prepare beautiful cupcakes at home. Besides the delicious taste, it is also very fun to prepare.



Honig Professional

To create and serve an exquisite meal, chefs’ could use some help in the kitchen. Honig Professional develops products together with the Honig Professional chefs’ panel to co-create the best.


A whole new range of soups is offered by Honig Professional to help out in the professional kitchen. From a basis to create your own to a ready-to-serve soup, Honig Professional helps out every chef.