Foodstar’s Master® brand is a leader in Weijixian soy sauce category in China. We are committed to providing consumers with a diversified range of premium condiments by driving momentum in product research & development, high-quality production, marketing expansion, and after-sales service optimization.

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Goodness From the Start

We make our soy sauce with advanced brewing techniques of over 130 processes to ensure the highest quality and pure taste—with no artificial sweetener added! Our Weijixian soy sauce contains the first extract of soy sauce, which is very condensed in flavor and taste, making it more competitive than other brands.

Cultural Phenomenon

Master® was the first to manufacture Weijixian-style soy sauce in China almost 30 years ago, and is certified by the China Green Food Development Center as a “China Green Food.” As the "Master of traditional Chinese condiments,” we maintain a harmonious combination of heritage and innovation by expanding to new condiment categories with upgraded traditional taste and nutrition that Chinese people are fond of, including: Master® Grade 1 soy sauce with black bean essence, Master® Weijixian sesame oil, and Master® Weijixian chili sauce.