BiAglut™ Gluten-Free Products
"Appetite is not assuaged by the consistency of food but by exalting the perceptions of the palate."

The passion for taste drives BiAglut to continue searching for new products and recipes that will satisfy and stimulate the customer’s “desire for goodness".
The Gluten-Free Experts
BiAglut, an Italian brand of gluten-free products, has more than 45 years of experience in producing gluten-free foods. Since its inception in 1964, BiAglut has always focused on fulfilling the needs of its main customers, individuals with celiac disease, gluten intolerance and those who follow a gluten-free diet. In doing so, the brand offers a unique and full line of gluten-free products to contribute to a varied and well-balanced diet.

Full of Taste & Gluten-Free!
In order to provide products with superior taste and nutritional quality on par with the best Italian cuisine, the BiAglut manufacturing facilities use the finest gluten-free raw materials and follow strict gluten-free regulations combined with tightly controlled internal quality procedures. As a trusted brand from Italy you can expect that BiAglut gluten-free products are delicious, of high quality, safe, and nutritious.
Product List

BiAglut has more than 60 products from: pasta, breads and bread substitutes, flours, cookies, crackers, snacks and desserts. For a complete listing of BiAglut products Download the catalog in PDF.

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