H.J.Heinz Co. (HNZ)Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is H.J. Heinz's fiscal year?
    Heinz’s fiscal year runs from January through December.
  2. What was H.J. Heinz's ticker symbol?
    HNZ was the symbol on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) until 6/7/13 when HNZ was de-listed.
  3. Where were your shares traded?
    H.J. Heinz common stock was traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) until 6/7/13 when HNZ was de-listed.
  4. What was H.J. Heinz's Cusip number?
    Preferred stock (4230 7450 9) were redeemed on 4/8/13. Common stock (4230 7410 3) was de-listed on 6/7/13.
  5. When did you pay dividends?
    The Company historically paid dividends on its publically traded stock on a quarterly basis. Detail on the most recent dividend payments is listed in the Past Stock Performance/ Dividend Information section of Heinz.com.
  6. How and when did the Company split its stock?
    H.J. Heinz stock split 8 times since 1946 through 2013 in order to reduce the absolute price per share to a more appealing and convenient purchase level. However, there is no preset price ceiling, nor fixed time frame for a split to occur. H.J. Heinz stock last split 3 for 2 in October of 1995.
  7. How can I find out about HNZ stock splits to determine the cost basis of my shares?
    Details on stock splits are listed in the Stock Performance/Stock Split History section of Heinz.com.
  8. When did H.J. Heinz Company make its first offering?
    H.J. Heinz was founded in 1869, and was taken public in 1946 by H.J. Heinz II, grandson of the Founder at $25.00.
  9. How can I obtain an Annual Report?
    Our Annual Report is in the Publications section of Heinz.com.
  10. Can I buy Heinz stock directly from the Company / Does Heinz have a Dividend Reinvestment Program (DRIP)?