Ethics and Compliance


Global Code of Conduct

Our longstanding Global Code of Conduct sets high standards for conducting business in a legal and ethical manner. Employees are expected to comply with the Global Code of Conduct and other Company policies in an effort to prevent harassment, discrimination, conflicts of interest, insider trading, antitrust violations and other unacceptable behaviors. To ensure compliance with the Global Code’s tenets, Heinz utilizes an online training program to certify and train employees around the world.
Download the Heinz Global Code of Conduct (PDF)

Corporate policies are also posted on the Company’s intranet and circulated to employees via e-mail and through supervisors. Managing directors and presidents of all Heinz affiliates must certify annually that these policies have been shared internally and that employees and operations are complying with them.

Heinz has an anonymous, 24-hour multilingual Ethics and Compliance hotline that is staffed by an independent third party to supplement our open communication culture. Heinz takes these calls seriously, and an internal team investigates each call in a timely manner. Based on the findings, the calls may result in actions including counseling, training or other disciplinary actions up to and including termination of employees who were found to have violated Company policies. Employees are encouraged to first raise concerns with their supervisors or the Human Resources Department. The hotline has proven to be a valuable additional resource for employees to share information.

Ethics and Compliance Hotline Access

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