Ethics and Compliance Ethics and Compliance

Taking Care to Do the Right Thing

Heinz conducts business in an ethical manner, guided by the enduring principles of our founder and an unwavering commitment to integrity. All Company employees, officers, and directors are required to abide by the Company’s long-standing Global Code of Conduct to ensure that all our businesses perform and behave in a consistently legal and ethical manner. The Global Code of Conduct is the foundation of comprehensive and continuous compliance with all corporate policies and procedures, an open relationship among colleagues that contributes to good business conduct, and an abiding belief in the integrity of our employees. These principles and policies make ethics a way of life at Heinz. Download the Heinz Global Code of Conduct (PDF)

H.J. Heinz Company Global Operating Principles

Heinz’s Global Operating Principles reflect our values, commitments and expectations to employees and the public. We developed these principles based on three widely respected documents: The Sullivan Principles, the U.N. Global Compact, and the International Labor Organization’s Human Rights Principles.

The Heinz principles express our unwavering commitment to safe and fair treatment of all employees, environmental protection and respect for cultural, ethnic, religious, political and philosophical differences among people. Our Global Operating Principles apply to all Heinz employees and facilities. Each Heinz affiliate is required to certify compliance and agree to monitoring by internal auditors. more

The Heinz Global Code of Conduct

Our longstanding Global Code of Conduct sets high standards for conducting business in a legal and ethical manner. Employees are expected to comply with the Global Code of Conduct and other Company policies in an effort to prevent harassment, discrimination, conflicts of interest, insider trading, antitrust violations and other unacceptable behaviors. To ensure compliance with the Global Code’s tenets, Heinz utilizes an online training program to certify and train employees around the world. more

Communication and Marketing Guidelines

As a leading international food and nutrition company, H. J. Heinz Company has a responsibility to help consumers make informed and healthy choices about diet and lifestyles relative to their health, well-being and overall nutrition. more

Supplier Guiding Principles

Heinz has approximately 2,661 domestic suppliers and 6,772 suppliers globally.

The Company’s Supplier Guiding Principles ensure consistency across our operations with regards to upholding uniformly high standards of quality and service. The principles also require compliance with local labor and environmental laws. For example, Heinz believes suppliers should protect the health and safety of their workers and refrain from hiring anyone under the legal age for employment. Suppliers are asked to certify their compliance to our principles. Heinz conducts unannounced on-site inspections to verify compliance. more