Making Talent an Advantage

Statement on Diversity and Inclusion

At Heinz, we are committed to maintaining an inclusive culture of excellence that values the diverse talents and contributions of all employees. A workforce that is diverse in thought, culture, experience and talent creates a sustained competitive advantage for the continued growth and success of Heinz. 

We understand that meeting the needs of the global community requires the creativity and innovation that only diversity can bring to our business. The diversity of our global workforce enables us to better understand the needs of and communicate to our consumers. 

Diversity is implicit in our business strategy for success. By “making talent an advantage,” diversity and inclusion: 

  • Enables Heinz to be the “employer of choice” that hires and retains the best talent from around the world, reflecting the markets and consumers we serve. 
  • Promotes an inclusive workplace culture that values differences in order to inspire each team member to bring their personal best. 
  • Encourages full engagement and contribution of team members to ensure that we have the innovation and creativity to deliver on our mission in every part of our business. 

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

At Heinz utilization of our talent is critical to maintaining an inclusive environment where employees are engaged and  contributing to business success. One of the ways  in which employees contribute to our success is by  utilizing their talents and perspectives with one of our employee resource groups. 

Whether helping to recruit talent, developing marketing initiatives, or strengthening our community relationships our ERGs work in partnership with core business functions to enhance Heinz’s presence in the marketplace.  

Heinz Employee Resource groups:

  • BERG (Black Employee Resource Group)
  • HOLA – Heinz Organization for Latino Advancement
  • Multicultural Marketing Team
  • Sales Inclusion Council
  • WIN – Heinz Women’s Inclusion Network

Supplier Diversity

At Heinz we are committed to promoting inclusive opportunities for suppliers through our supplier diversity program. We believe that supplier diversity gives us a competitive advantage allowing us to increase the variety of our products to maximize customer satisfaction.

If you are a certified diverse business interested in doing business with Heinz North America’s  - supplier diversity program we encourage you to: 

  • Review our supplier guiding principles so that you’re aware of our processes.
  • Ensure that your organizations certification(s) are up to date
  • Register  as a diverse supplier by sending your information to  Supplierdiversity@us.hjheinz.com