Heinz believes in the power of community programs that promote good nutrition choices, physical activity and healthy weight. Around the world, we are in step with many excellent local groups that share our commitment to good health habits. In addition, Heinz employees donate countless hours to organizations that help people make the right choices for healthier lifestyles.

Among our many partners are:

Choose My Plate

The Heinz partnership with the USDA Center for Nutrition Policy supplements the many health and wellness initiatives underway at Heinz.

America on the Move

Heinz is a major supporter of America on the Move in our hometown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The group is a regional arm of a national organization that aims to improve health and quality of life by helping people make small, simple changes to their daily eating and activity choices. Through a variety of personalized online tools and community support, participants start building proven habits that will positively affect their weight and health.

America On the Move America On the Move 2 We Can

We Can!

Heinz is an active supporter of We Can! ("Ways to Enhance Children's Activity and Nutrition"), a program created by the National Institutes of Health that focuses on helping children achieve and maintain a healthy weight. The program provides children and their parents with important tips and resources while focusing on three important behaviors: improved food choices, increased physical activity and reduced time in front of computer and television screens.