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Whether you’re at home, dining out or on the go, trust Heinz to help enhance flavor and taste on a gluten-restricted diet. A variety of Heinz Ketchup, Condiments and Sauces do not contain gluten. Heinz also offers convenient options for gluten-restricted diets, including; Ore-Ida® frozen potatoes, and Smart Ones® Frozen Entrees.

Our Products

For people who follow a gluten-free diet, Heinz is making it easier to make the right choices. We clearly label all ingredients in our products. We have also designated “Gluten-Free” products as such, for your information and for your peace of mind.

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BiAglut Gluten-Free Products

Giving up gluten doesn’t mean giving up great-tasting food; especially when there is BiAglut. BiAglut has more than 60 gluten-free products to choose from and all of them are bursting with deliciously authentic flavors that will surely satisfy any palate.

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